Return to School

Return to School Information for 2021/22

Friday August 27th: 1st Year Induction Day 1 – Entrance Assessment for all 1st Years

Monday August 30th: 1st Year Induction Day 2

Tuesday, August 31st

  • 1st Year Induction Day 3
  • 6th Year and LCA 2 Induction
  • 3rd Year Induction

Wednesday, September 1st

  • 1st Year Induction Day 4
  • 2nd Year Induction
  • TY Induction
  • 5th Year and LCA 1 Induction

Thursday, September 2nd: Classes commence for all year groups

Specific times for inductions will be given in August.

Please be aware that students are required to be in full uniform with black shoes when they commence school at the end of August. Tracksuit pants, hoodies and trainers are not permitted. Parents/Guardians will be asked to collect students who are not in school uniform.

The above return days are subject to updates from the Department of Education on Covid related issues and guidance.


Please ensure you have downloaded and read all the documents below prior to the return of the new school term.

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